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The 2012 Earthbox Garden is Planted!! #earthbox

Yesterday mom and I planted our Earthbox garden containers with tomatoes and bell peppers.  We stuck with our old, successful familiars and decided against trying anything else this year. In the past we've grown cantaloupe and honeydew melons (which I'm sure were cross pollinated as the honeydews were orange inside!), Japanese eggplant, summer squash, and zucchini. We've always had good luck with zucchini as well, but just didn't feel like dealing with them this year.

So in our first container we have the Bush Goliath Hybrid tomato:

And, rather than making our toms share a box this year, we put the Red Beefsteak tomato in its own container. We're hoping this will help the plants grow tomatoes that are actual BEEFSTEAK-size rather than cherry-tomato-size we've been getting the last few years. I mean, yes they're still sweet, juicy and delicious, but we're buying large tomatoes because we want LARGE tomatoes!


Because we've always had good luck getting good-sized bell peppers when the two plants have shared a box, we again put them together. They are both Bonnie Green Bells, although we've contemplated getting one we saw called a Red Bell, but if we just leave the green ones a week or so extra, they automatically turn red, so we decided against it. I suppose I should do some research and see if the ones called "red bell" are actually red to start with, or if they start out green, then turn red. Anyway, we've got two green bell peppers, which is fine because we like the green ones and if they turn red, awesome, if not, whatevs.

So there's our garden!

We also got our two mini roses put out front, and they look lovely:

I'm a bit concerned that each plant has only one blossom and no other buds on them, but I'm hopeful that they will continue to bloom this summer!

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