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Sunday Stealing, Part Two

Stealing a New Meme

I saw this new meme blog, Sunday Stealing, on my friend Bozoette Mary's blog, and decided to, well, steal it from her. I'm a couple days late, but decided to play along anyway:

1. Have you ever peed your pants as an adult?  Thankfully, no!

2. Who do you have a celebrity crush on now?  Currently madly in love wtih Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory.

3. Would you date someone you met online? I have in the past, but I probably would not do so now.

4. Do you wear underwear always? Oh, yes, always, everyday!

5. Do you hate yourself at times? I hate myself pretty much all the time.

7. Do you like dirty movies?  No, they're disgusting and degrading to women.

8. Could you believe Josha Ledet was voted off Idol?  NO!! WTF, right??? He was supposed to win the whole thing!

9. When was the last time that you bought a car? November 12, 2002, when I bought my Toyota Echo, named Misty Storm.

10. Have you ever been camping? Yes, when I was young. I always really enjoyed it.

11. How many times a day do you go on facebook? Don't know an exact count, but I check in several times a day.

12. What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Part One
13. Have you ever worried that you'd cut off a limb? A whole limb? No. Fingers and/or toes, yeah, probably.

14. Where did you get your last email from?  Someone at work.

15. Favorite website? Not Always Right - takes me back to my retail days!!

16. Are you down with ghetto? No, thank you.

17. Will the world end in fire or ice? Probably fire, because I'm pretty sure we're going to just blow ourselves up.

18. Do you believe in the afterlife? Yes.
19. Would you be upset if facebook stopped working? Probably at first, but then I'll get over it and move on with my life.

20. How did you start your blog? I started it as an offshoot of my olj (self-portrait), and it was so much easier to deal with , so I closed my journal and stuck with the blog.
Untill next time ... cheers!