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One of the fun activities we participate in during Weetacon is the Charity Raffle. It began in 2008 as a small affair with just a few items up for bid that raised four hundred bucks. This year's raffle extravaganza included a bake sale, Pets of Weetacon calendar and Weetacon swag sale, and ultimately raised almost four thousand dollars!! Yay, us! All the money goes to Paul's Pantry, a local Green Bay non-profit food pantry.  

This year there were tons of amazing, awesome and wonderful items for us to fight over buy tickets for,  and I had my eye on a few of them. Most of the items I wanted I didn't win (but they did go to good, deserving homes, I'm sure!), but I did win two of the items I really really wanted. One of them was this:

A pottery set handmade by our very own Wendy Bix! (and, no, the other item I won is not the Hawaiian lava with a little surfer dude sculpture. my parents bought that on their honeymoon after they remarried in '79 or something like that.) She actually had a few pottery items at the auction, but this was the set I won. It's a lovely pierced tray with a small cup. The detailing on the tray is awesome! It must've taken quite a while to get all the piercings along the edges done so perfectly (and without punching through the edge, like I probably would've done!), and I love the design in the middle.

The cup is adorable, and there's something so medieval and rustic about it that makes me want to drink mead or ale out of it!

Wendy suggested this set be used for chips and dips, but I think I will use it to store some of my teeny tiny earrings, rings and other good jewlery so I don't lose or damage them. Because I'm pretty darn good at that!  

NaBloPoMo April 2012