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This weekend mom and I bought and planted some very pretty (and hopefully tough!) flowers for our pots in the front yard and back garden. Originally we were going to buy some African marigolds because they looked amazing when we saw them inside the garden center at Home Depot a couple weeks ago, and the plant info indicated "full sun". However, when we walked up to Home Depot on Saturday, we saw a bunch of them sitting outside, in full sun, and ... wow, they didn't look so good. The flowers were smaller and looked kinda fried, and the leaves were really wilted and generally they were some sad-looking plants. The African marigolds we saw inside? In the shade? Looked amazing: huge, bright beautiful blooms and full, green leaves. Full sun? Really? Maybe not so much.

So we decided against those flowers, and started looking around for something else to put in our pots. It was hard. Everything said "full sun", but could we really believe it? This sun is brutal. Could these plants really take it?  We contemplated cactus, but the idea of planting the prickly beasts turned me right off. We contemplated ice plant, but it's really a ground cover not a container plant, so, in the end, I decided against it. We even contemplated decorative grasses, but, again, we need something for containers, and it's such a pain when stuff outgrows the pots.

le sigh!

Suddenly, we came across some minature roses, et voila! Problem solved! Roses do great here, expecially in the front. My Midas Touch rose has been blooming like crazy, and our neighbour's roses are exploding now, too. And, these roses were made specifically for containers!!! Score!! I grabbed a couple red ones that I thought would look good with my yellow roses and blue house.  We also grabbed a half flat of zinnias because they were so pretty and we still needed something for the back garden. 


We got everything planted Saturday evening, but we're going to keep all the pots along the side of the house where it gets part shade just to give everything a chance to adjust to their new living conditions. I figure I'll put everything in it's proper place on Tuesday after I mow the lawn. I'm pretty excited about my choices, and hope everything does well!


Next week: tomatoes and bell peppers! Yay!