Another Birthday #holidailies
This is What a Police State Looks Like

Photo Friday: Day's End #holidailies

I don't know why this short week was so hard. Maybe it's because I went back to Kennedy after two weeks or so without seeing my trainer (ow! ow!), or we were down people at work, or the moon is getting puffy again so all the crazies are coming out, or I blew my eyeball out again (the right one this time, though, not the left like the last two months) so I get to look like a goddamn freak for another two weeks. I don't know. It shouldn't have been bad at all. Sure, I had another birthday, but it was nice and I got a great prezzie which I'll introduce later - oh, heck, it's a new iPhone 4s!! - but, still, it wasn't that bad a week. And yet I'm exhausted, and I'm annoyed at the world.

And, I absolutely cannot WAIT to sit down with a lovely glass of wine tonight!  Cheers!

NaBloPoMo January 2012