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Out with the Old, in with the New

So, among the many things we did over my four-day weekend (Jiffy Lube both cars, buy groceries for the week, bake cookies, clean up the back yard, and, oh, yeah, watch the Packers *sniff* LOSE!), my mom and I bought a new washer/dryer. Both of the old machines were starting to make funny noises and because they are about 20-plus years old, we decided it was time to replace them before the washer died with a full load of soapy wash and the dryer decided to implode. Also, our local Idler's was having a massive moving sale, so the timing was perfect.




When we pulled the old machines out to clean behind them we discovered both of them still had the labels from the place they were purchased back in my old hometown of Colfax, WA (GO BULLDOGS!!). I wonder if Randy is still in business after all these years?

And, here is our brand spankin' new washer and dryer combo! SO SHINY!!




I love how the new dryer comes with this nifty little pop-out rod where you can quickly and easily hang up freshly dried clothing!

We haven't tried them out yet - mostly because we spent all of Saturday and Sunday washing every possible thing in the house in an attempt to kill the old machines - so we don't know how well they work, but we have very high hopes!

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