Attack of the {Deliciously} Killer Tomatoes

OMG. Check out this garden:

It's huge and we're suddenly getting tons of produce!

Both pepper plants are going strong. The little one has some baby peppers and blossoms, and the bigger one has several big peppers that are slowly going red. I left them and just took a nice big green bell and a couple little ones that were slightly burned. 





And, the tomatoes! Holy cow! The Big Beef tomato plant has exploded! Although none of the toms are very big, they're very red and juicy and delicious!



My Bush Goliath tomato plant, however, has several very good sized toms, most of which were ready to harvest today, too. Although they're not ginormous, either (I think it's been too hot and they're ripening faster than they're growing), they are the best tasting tomatoes I've ever had!



And, I love this awesome harvest bag from Fiskars! 


I was lucky to have it today as I ended up harvest a LOT of tomatoes and really needed something other than the bottom of my shirt to carry them in. 


Here's my haul in all its bright red glory:







August Break 2012

Gardening Update!

As you can see from the series of photos below, our Earthbox garden is going like gangbusters! I harvested four more tomatoes from the Bush Goliath plant - the largest of which made for a delicious bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich! - and noticed the Big Beef tomato plant is looking like it might give us some fruit eventually as well. As for the peppers, the largest plant is still busting out ginormous peppers, all of which I'm keeping on the plant as long as possible in the hopes that they'll go red (although I don't have a picture of it yet, the kinda red one I picked a week or so ago has along completely changed colour! I'll try to remember to get a piccie of it before I roast it!), and the little plant we thought wasn't going to make it actually has TWO good sized peppers on  it!

BushgoliathtomsmallIn the front, all of my roses are doing very well. The Midas Touch has not stopped blooming all summer and my two mini red rose bushes are both growing and blooming!

How's your garden doing??

August Break 2012