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(Probably Final) Garden Update

Well, we're down to just 2 bell peppers  1 bell pepper and 2 tomato plants in the garden now. I had to make that quick correction because right after I took these pictures, we decided that the one pepper on the right was just too sad looking and since it had no peppers on it, we pulled it out. The other one still has some potential peppers so we decided to leave it and see how it goes. The tomatoes are still producing, but I don't know how much longer they'll go since we've had a couple nights at or below freezing lately and more freezing temperatures are predicted this week.

I ended up getting a handful of tomatoes, but left the peppers to grow a bit more. Or not, depending on the weather. I do have one green and one red pepper left to use, then it'll just be flavourless store-bought for the next six months or so.  sob.

Next year we're planning to put just one tomato plant per Earthbox because none of our tomatoes got any bigger than cherry tomato-size despite one plant being a Big Boy Beef tomato or some such thing. They were supposed to be BIG anyway, and they weren't.  They were super juicy, sweet and delicious, hwoever, but we'd like bigger toms, please and thank you.