October Resolutions
Teaser Tuesday: House of Dark Shadows by Robert Liparulo

Holiday Weekend Update

I had an amazingly successful and mostly fun weekend. If I sound surprised about that, it's because this lovely 3-day weekend was slated to be a "work weekend" wherein my mom and I would get some of our more craptastic chores and hideous repair jobs out of the way. In the end, however, none of it was as bad as we initially thought, and some of it even turned out to be kinda fun! Bring on the bullets:

  • I took my car to be smogged and not only did we get in right away, but my little baby passed - Yay!
  • We went grocery shopping - usually a crappy chore my mom and I both hate - and happened to hit Albertson's Customber Appriciation Day with included yummy samples throughout the store, coupons,  and free beer and wine tasting.
  • We got the furnace/AC filter changed. That might not seem like such a big deal, but the door to the filter has been jammed for several months, and we were afraid we'd just have to break it to get it open to change the filter. However, after trying to pry it open with a screwdriver and wiggling it around a bit, it popped open with little to no damage!
  • And finally, we tamed our wild, overgrown backyard!