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Happy Halloween!

a day in the life

"A Day in the Life" is a fun photo project from Tracy at where you take a photo each hour for a whole day. Well, I didn't quite get a photo every hour, but I did take a few shots to at least show how most of my day went! Enjoy!


My mom and I started our day with breakfast at Bru Coffeehouse, our favourite coffee shop. We had our usual: 2 16 oz. non-fat lattes (I get mine with no foam as shown) and share 2 muffins. Today we got a gingerbread (on the left) and our favourite the Morning Glory (on the right).

After breakfast, mom and I went to Rite-Aid to get our flu shots. My arm hurt the rest of the day!

When we got home, I headed out to the garden to harvest some bell peppers and tomatoes. We got rid of our squash plants last weekend since they were basically gone. We're still getting lots of tomatoes and peppers, though, so we're going to do our best to keep those plants going as long as possible.

For lunch I made a Betty Crocker Suddenly Salad (the Classic with the Italian-style vinagrette is our fave!), and added some chopped green bell pepper and tomatoes fresh from the garden. It was the perfect side to our leftover roasted chicken.

This afternoon I polished up some of my sterling silver rings which I plan to take to San Francisco and use with my Halloween costume.

I'm getting ready to head to San Francisco to hang out with some amazingly awesome people this coming week. I'm all packed now including bits and pieces for my Halloween costume.

Tonight's dinner was Southwest Meatballs from the October 2011 Clean Eating magazine. I used the rest of the tomates I harvested this afternoon in the dish. It was yummy!

Before bed I decided to go ahead and polish my toes. I love getting pedis (and manis), but with the furlough days, I really can't afford to do them anymore, so I'm on my own. I don't think I did too bad a job at it! The colour is Bastille My Heart from O.P.I.