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Labour Day BBQ

I don't think I've grilled anything for five or six years. I used to grill a lot when we first moved into our house, but then it seemed like it was suddenly windier than usual, and fire and wind scare the crap out of me, so I stopped. Recently, however, I've really wanted to cook food outside over an open flame. My old BBQ is a rusted out mess, and all our supplies are old and useless, so I wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to spend money I no longer have to buy all new gear and getup, so I thought all was lost until I saw this:

An all-in-one disposable grill! It comes complete with the grill pan and grill, charcoal and lighter sheets so all I had to do was buy food and light a match. So. Dang. Easy! And perfect timing since two of the bell pepper I've been waiting on finally turned red, and I've been dying to roast them, so I roasted them first, then did the corn.


Then I did the steaks: a bone-in New York for me and a nice, thick sirloin for my mom.


OMG, everything was delicious! The corn was so sweet and tender, and the steaks were a perfect medium rare. My roasted red peppers came out fabulous as well:


It was really great to be outdoors grilling food again. Yes, it was windy, which made me a little nervous, but it was still fun. Especially since the clean up was a snap! We just waited for the coals to die down, then threw the whole thing out. Probably not very eco-friendly, but for as often as I grill, I think it was worth it. 

Garden Update

The garden is still doing pretty well despite the odd weather we've had this summer. hot cold hot cold hot cold ... my poor produce doesn't know what to think!


We still have lots of tomatoes, although they are getting ripe before they get very big. They're like extra large cherry tomato size.


My patience with the two large bell peppers has paid off! I've been waiting weeks for them to turn red (and hopefully not rot) and they finally have!Peppers9411

The squash, alas!, appears to be done. There are some more blossoms on both the zucchini and yellow squash, but the bees are all gone, so I doubt we'll get any more of these this year.


So, today all I harvested were my two red bell peppers! I can't wait to roast them when I bar-be-que tomorrow!