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Red and Orange at Tini Bigs #31Photosin31Days

Tini bigs 

In Seattle for my vacation with my friend Darlene (a/k/a/ DeeDee). We checked into our hotel and started exploring the Queen Anne area where we found Tini Bigs lounge and tried a couple of their colourful beverages: Orange and Red.


The Orange is made up of  "Orange infused vodka, fresh OJ & lime juices, orange curacao, orange blossom water".


The Red is "Berry infused vodka, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, jasmine green tea tincture, rose water".

They were both pretty tasty! We might've found our "neighbourhood hangout" for the week!

Orange and red 

Being Bad #31Photosin31Days

Yesterday for lunch my coworker friend and I felt like being bad, so we headed down to Louisa's Place for the half-price burger deal they have on Thursdays. Louisa's is a cute little old-fashioned diner downtown SLO that apparently has great food since it's won several Best of SLO awards, mostly I think for the breakfast.

Anyway, my coworker got the delicious-looking chili cheeseburger and I got the California cheese burger, mostly because I was craving avacado.


It was very yummy! I haven't had a burger  - a REAL burger, not a turkey burger - in a very long time, so I really enjoyed the treat!