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Avila Beach Pier #30daysofcreativity

A Day in SLO

Today mom and I took the bus to SLO for a day of shopping, browsing, tablet comparing, lunch and general wandering about. Despite working downtown, I haven't actually explored the downtown area for a very long time, and discovered there have been a lot of changes! There are a few new restaurants opened (and a couple more opening soon), some of my favourite shops were gone (Farewell, The Novel Experience! I shall miss you!), and new ones have opened up (Hello Hep Kat!), and old favourites have been updated (and perhaps not necessarily for the better, Mother's Tavern, oh, I mean, "Mo/Tav", I'm looking at you and your "no visible tattoo" policy!). One old fave that's had a face lift but has retained it's original charm and deliciousness is Big Sky Cafe.


I was pleased to see Big Sky doing a brisk lunch business, and thrilled to have found a nice booth in the back during the rush! Mom and I enjoyed a glass of Fat Cat Pinot Grigio - a wine I'm unfamiliar with, but hope to find and purchase somewhere because it was delicious! - and a couple yummy sandwiches. I had the Grilled Cheese, Eggplant & Chipoltle sandwich (delicious but SPICY!) and my mom had the Grilled Churasco Chicken sandwich.


We both really enjoyed our meals, but agreed that we should've shared a plate so that we could have dessert afterwards! Maybe next time!

After lunch we browsed some of the quaint little shops and art galleries, walked down by the creek, and did some shopping - I found a gorgeous blouse for 40% off at The Gap! Score! Then I decided it was time to do some comparison shopping between the iPad2 and the Nook Colour. You see, I have been debating what kind of tablet to get for some time. While I really love the iPad2 - and who wouldn't? it's shiny! - I find I'm quite fond of the Nook Colour as well - because maybe I just want an eReader after all.

The things I love about the iPad2 are: 1) the touchscreen; 2) all the cool apps and games; 3) the camera; and 4) SHINY. The things I don't really love about the iPad2 are: 1) the size (it may be smaller than a laptop, but it doesn't fit conveniently into any purse I currently use); 2) no Adobe Flash; 3) no CompactFlash drive; and 4) the price.

The things I love about the Nook Colour are: 1) the price; 2) the size; 3) it has Adobe Flash; 3) it has Compact Flash and 3) it pretty much has everything the iPad2 does, but in a smaller, less expensive package. The things I don't love about the Nook Colour are: umm ... Huh, maybe I don't have anything I don't love about the Nook Colour. I mean, sure it doesn't have a camera and that's kind of a cool feature of the iPad2, but it's got the WiFi, the expandable storage, e-mail, Word ... pretty much everything I want.

So, I played with each, mulled over the pros and cons of each over some shaken Passionfruit iced tea at Starbucks, and while I've pretty much made my decision, I didn't end up buying anything.


Anyway, it was a beautiful day in SLO (except for the wind!), and there were a lot of people out and about enjoying the weather and delightful downtown area. We stayed until late afternoon, then rode the bus home, utterly and completely relaxed!