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Earthbox Garden Week Four

Into week four and our little Earthbox garden is still doing pretty well.


The tomato plants are growing, and the Early Girl has a blossom as well as some buds, and the other one looks like it has a small bud, too:

Tomato blossom2 
Tomato blossom1 

Neither of the peppers look very good, in my opinion, but they appear to be growing, so I'm not too worried. The one still has a large bud in the middle and a couple smaller buds around it:


The squash look fantastic! Growing by leaps and bounds and such a beautiful dark green colour! I'm not sure if the zucchini has the start of a blossom on it or not:

Zucchini blossom 

The rest of the back yard looks really good, too. All the plants are HUGE, the yellowy-orangy flowers are bursting with blooms, as is the wild rose bush, and the plants we thought had frozen have come back big time:

Wild roses 

Elsewhere, my Midas Touch rose is blooming beautifully, and the lavender in the pots are looking a lot better after I added some fertilizer to the pots a couple weeks ago:

Midas touch rose