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Earthbox Garden Week 2

Earth Day Gardening

Last year, because we had our backyard landscaped, mom and I didn't set up our EarthBox garden. However, we really missed having the fresh tomatoes and peppers and squash right at hand, so today we headed up to the local home improvement store and picked up some veggie plants and set up our garden!

We bought two hybrid tomato plants: the Early Girl - 50 Day, and Bush Goliath: 


Then we got two bell pepper plants: the Red Bell Sweet Pepper and Big Bertha Bell Pepper:


And, finally, a couple squash: Zucchini Squash (Black Beauty) and Straightneck Squash:


Hopefully our little plants will grow and produce lots of delicious veggies for us to enjoy all summer long!

Garden april 23 2011 

We also picked up some marigolds to add some colour to our back patio:

Everything looks fantastic (so far!) and I'm excited to watch the garden grow this summer!