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Saturday Flea Market

This morning mom and I were headed to the Atascadero Lake Park to take a walk around the lake and see how full the lake is and how lovely and green all the foliage is after all the rain we got this winter, but we got side-tracked by a happening taking place in the Sunken Garden:

Apparently Atascadero is trying the Flea Market thing again - they used to do them twice a year, once in the spring and again in the fall, but they hadn't been doing it for about a year or so. According to the banner, however, there will now be Flea markets held here in the Sunken Garden the first Saturday of the month through the summer.

Flea market 4 
There was a lot of cool old stuff to look at, but not as many antiques and just regular folk setting up mini "yard sales" as we've seen at previous Flea Markets. There were a lot more vendors selling tee-shirts, hats, jewelery, cheap bags and other junk that we really don't care about. Hopefully as word gets around, more people will show up with interesting stuff.

Flea market 5 
I remember my parents had an old wine skin just like this (only smaller). I used to take it with me when I'd go on pretend adventures in the mountains behind my house in Cle Elum when I was a kid. Those were good times!

Flea market 2 
 My mom remembered having syrup from log-cabin-shaped tins when she was a girl. I only remember ever having a bottle of Mrs. Butterworth's!

Fleamarket 3 
That one guy on American Pickers would've LOVED finding these old motor oil tins. I don't get it myself, but I guess people actually collect these things!

There weren't very many vendors set up, but mom managed to find a lady selling books for next to nothing and she scored five great mystery novels - including a couple hard covers! - for a buck!

Once we finished at the Flea Market, we again headed for the Lake, but found the parking lot PACKED! There didn't seem to be a festival or big party or anything going on in the Park, so we figured the Charles Paddock Zoo was probabaly haivng a Grand Re-Opening after recently completing the renovations, or everyone and their dog just wanted to see the adorable new addition. Anyway, we decided to forget the walk around the lake and just go get our groceries. We'll try for that walk next weekend!