Happy Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day Cards

For the past several years, my good friend Weetabix has been hosting a Christmas card exchange, which I have always enjoyed participating in. I mean, who doesn't love getting Christmas cards in their mailbox? Or, just getting cards in general? A card is so much nicer to see sitting in your mailbox than another bill! Am I right?

Miz Bix enjoyes getting cards, too, apparently because for the first time ever, she held a Valentine's Day card exchange!  I initially contemplated buying cards, but then in a moment of creative mania, I dragged out some blank cards, rubber stamps, paper and ink, and put together a couple rather nice (imho) cards for the exchange:

Valentines Day Card 1 Valentines Day Card 2

I really enjoyed making the cards, and found that the activity kinda stirred a part of my creative being that had been in sleep mode for some time. So. I think I might start stamping again. Yes, I just might do that.