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Clean Eating: Thai-Style Tofu and Noodles and the Garlic-Sizzled Kale Saute

This evening I cooked up a couple recipes from the Fall 2008 issue of Clean Eating magazine:  the Thai-Style Tofu and Noodles and the Garlic-Sizzled Kale Saute.

Tofu and kale 
I found some extra firm tofu that was already cut into cubes at the store which saved me some time, and had all the other ingredients at home already which saved me some money. It was actually really easy and fast to make and turned out delicious! I will definitely be making this again.

 The kale was pretty easy and inexpensive, too. However, I forgot to cut up the kale before cooking it and didn't have an extra pan after making the tofu, so I had to use a large pot instead, so while it turned out okay, it wasn't spectacular. Also, I'm not sure I really like the flavour of kale (I much prefer Swiss chard), so I probably won't make that one again.

Still, it was a pretty successful dinner, imho, and it was fun to be in the kitchen cooking something new, different, healthy and delicious!