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Art Wall: January 2011

2011 Art Wall 1 

So I finally printed up some pictures from last September's trips to Pismo Beach and Morro Bay. I got some lovely shots (this was beFORE my old elphie's stewy mishap), and fully intended to post them by Thanksgiving weekend, but then my printer and computer suddenly stopped communicating, and after spending a couple weekends trying to fix the problem myself AND getting a Geek Squad tech  involved - both to no avail - I finally went out and bought a new, basic office printer. I kept the photo printer because a) it was expensive and not that old, and b) it still works perfectly just not with my computer, but after the horrible experience I'd had, the idea of printing anything that wasn't absolutely necessary left me with a feeling of dread, so I put it off. This past weekend, I finally just dropped a bunch of my favourite shots onto a disk, plugged the disk into my photo printer, and printed away. I'm so glad I did!

Also, you may have noticed I titled this post "Art Wall: January 2011". That's because I foolishly fully intend to post a new set of pictures EVERY MONTH THIS YEAR. Yeah. We'll see how long that lasts!