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Another Writing Blogfest

I know this is last minute but I just recently came across this new blogfest:Logo 

The basic concept is to post page 99 of your WIP novel, then invite people to stop by to read it and leave a comment as to whether or not they would continue to read the book based solely on that page. And, yes I'm cutting it close because this blogfest is happening THIS Friday, January 28th! So, I've been frantically writing - not only trying to finish my page 99, but tweak it so that it's not only readable, but interesting and intriguing enough for people to stick around! Gah! Why do I DO these things to myself?

Still, it'll be fun, I'm sure and if nothing else, it's getting back into my as-yet-untitled MG/YA ghost story novel. If I keep participating in projects like this, I might actually finish this thing this year!