Photo Friday: Tranquil
Backyard in December

Toys for Tots 2010


Tonight we had our Annual Toys for Tots party at work. We make a game out of our charitable gift-giving by randomly choosing the name of a co-worker who has been given a kids age. For example, I got E.D. at age 12, so I purchased what I thought E would have played with when she was 12-years-old.  I picked a Bohemian bracelet-making kit and a YA book (Radiance by Alyson Noel). I wasn't 100% happy with my gift when I bought it (I really wanted to get one of those cool digital journals by Girl Tech, or even just a nice paper diary and fun pen, but Target didn't have either of those), but it turns out it was perfect, as E told me she was really into the bohemian/hippie stuff when she was young, and in fact was still into it today!


Turns out I was 8 (a totally awesome age, in my humble opinion!), and got two great games and some colourful sidewalk chalk:


It was a fun little party - it's always nice to have these "down times" when we can all just relax and just enjoy hanging out together without having to worry about work! And, best of all, there are now lots of great presents for some kids who might otherwise not have had anything!