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The Catherine Ryan Hyde Reading Challenge

I came across this reading challenge by happy chance and am thrilled to share and promote it:


Catherine Ryan Hyde  is one of my all-time favourite authors (right behind Douglas Adams & Kage Baker, which is odd, I suppose, because Douglas Adams and Kage Baker write, er, I mean wrote (sadly, yes, that's past tense for both amazing and greatly missed writers), primarily sci-fi/fantasy and CRH is primarily a realistc, modern-day-type writer, but still...) so I was excited to discover this reading challenge for her books!

I have read Pay It Forward (but have not and never will see the movie (no offense to CRH, because obviously the book rocks, but c'mon, movie casting person ... Kevin Spacey?!? Really?!? If you haven't already, read the book to find out why that pissed me off so bad!)), Being Chloe and The Day I Killed James and loved each and every one of them. Currently sitting unread on my bookshelf are Electric God and Funerals for Horses both of which I will be reading for this challenge. If I'm lucky, I'll also be able to get ahold of Diary of a Witness and Catherine's latest book, Jumpstart the World.  

All that said, I highly encourage everyone to check out this challenge (you only need to commit to reading one of her novels, and I would personally recommend .... ummmmm... Being Chloe. I loved loved loved that book!), grab a Catherine Ryan Hyde book and ENJOY!!