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SLO Lunch Tour: Mee Heng Low Noodle House

Recently a couple of  my co-workers and I started going out to lunch every other Wednesday. Rather than just having the usual sandwich or salad, however, we decided,  just for fun, to try different kinds of foods. Today it occurred to me that I should have been blogging this from the beginning, but I guess now is as good a time as any to start. Therefore, I'm introducing a new category: SLO Lunch Tour. Pity I didn't think of it sooner, as we've already been to a dozen really awesome restaurants and tried several different types of food: gyros, sushi, curry, BBQ, Italian, Chinese ... you get the picture.  Hopefully I'll be able to convince the girls to revisit at least a couple of the previous restaurants!

Anyway, today we dined at the Mee Heng Low Noodle House located at 815 Palm St in SLO. The place is tiny, but we found a comfy booth towards the back.



 One of my co-workers had the Chop Suey bowl with beef:


And my other luncheon companion had the Soup Bowl with Sai Fun noodles and tofu:


And I chose the Low Mein with Ginger Soy sauce and chicken:


All of our lunches were delicious and reasonably priced, and the atmosphere and service were both great! Another bonus is that it's only a couple blocks from work, so it's an easy walk! We will probably return again some time.