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Thursday 13: 13 Possible Tattoo Designs

  • So, I'm planning to get a tattoo when I'm vacationing in Vegas next month, but I'm not sure what design I want or where I want it. Here's a few ideas I've been toying with:
    1. 215167_0382 If I were to do this it would be a Monarch butterfly, not a blue one, and maybe a tad smaller.
    2. Cherry_blossoms_tattoo_design I wouldn't have the script on it, just the cherry blossoms. Probably on an ankle.
    3. Tat7 My mother would KILL me, but I love the design!
    4. Wings_tattoo_by_xEvilDuckyx I love the angel wings on the back; not necessarily these, but they're a good shape and size.
    5. Evil_tink_by_Puku "Evil" Tink is kinda cute!
    6. Unzip_My_Soul_by_vipergts1011okaytousebyartist I bet this would be super pretty in colour!
    7. Heart-with-angel-wings-tattoo1 I was always going to get a lower back tattoo, but I don't know if I'd want somehting this elaborate.  
    8. Tat12 A temporary tattoo butterfly design I always thought was kinda cute and really different than most butterflies.
    9. Ink_2___Cherry_Blossoms_by_Goodbye_Tuesday A full back piece is probably not likely, but I love the design!
    10. Hand flower This is so pretty,but I doubt I'd have the guts to get anything quite so visible this time.
    11.  Theoneiwant I've heard foot tattoos are quite painful and it would be difficult to conceal for work, but it's still a possibility. I've been in love with this tat since seeing it in The Body Art Book by Jean-Chris Miller.
    12. White I love the idea of a white-ink-only tattoo like this one. My BFF & I are contemplating getting an angel or Jesus fish in white, but it's not for sure yet.
    13. Hearttattoo The back of the neck is a pretty good place to get inked - it's easy to conceal for work if I keep my hair long enough. Maybe even a white piece here would be nice!
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