Teaser Tuesday: Except the Queen by Jane Yolen & Midori Snyder
Photo Friday: Bloom

Blooming Roses

This week has been SO insane with end-of-the-month stuff at work, intense workouts at the Club, mostly sleepless nights, and a feeling of general malaise and grumpiness and blah, that I hadn't even noticed my Midas Touch rose bush is blooming!


Like, in a massive way, blooming! I really think this is the most roses that have been out at one time since I planted it a couple years ago. Sadly many of the blossoms are already faded and will need to be dead-headed this weekend, but there are many new ones coming up to replace them:


And, really the week hasn't been ALL bad. I'm reading an awesome book right now, So You Think You Can Dance was AWESOME this week - I mean seriously, did you SEE Alex and Twitch's hip hop routine?!? -  tomorrow is Friday/payday/the start of the 3-day-weekend, and on Saturday I'm going to see Eclipse with a friend (maybe two) from work, so yay! I just feel icky and tired and generally just ... blah, but then I heard a Ken Davis spot on the radio on the way home reminding me that “...today is a day that God made. I will rejoice and be glad in it”, and that just put everything into perspective and made me feel a lot better!