New Beginnings #15
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Backyard: Before and After

A few weeks ago I had my backyard totally re-landscaped. It was kinda scary, but I was ready to get rid of the crabgrass-infested lawn and get a landscape that will no only look great, but will also (hopefully) help keep flood waters from getting to the house. Mom and I debated building a dry creek bed or having artificial grass installed. I called a couple landscapers and got estimates from both of them. Both were well under what we thought we'd have to spend, and after careful consideration, I called Daniel from Madrone Landscapes and asked him to landscape my yard!

Here's how my backyard looked before:

Backyard Before 003a

Backyard Before 004a

Backyard Before 008a

During the landscaping, the backyard looked like this:





And after only a couple weeks, our backyard now looks like this:


After 019AA

After 018AA


After 020AA

Pretty cool, huh? It's a little different from your average backyard, but it's basically maintenance-free (the drip system is pre-set, so all we have to do is cut back the grasses once a year!), drought-tolerant, and hopefully during a massive rainstorm the creek bed should keep the water away from the house! I'm very excited about how it turned out and so happy I finally got it done!