Photo Friday: Overcast
Black and White Water Drops on Leaf

In the Kitchen: Last Week & This Week

Last weekend I cooked a delicious Thai Coconut Shrimp dish from the latest Clean Eating magazine:


It was supposed to be quick - 20 minutes from start to finish according to the magazine - but they lied! With all the cleaning, chopping and cooking of the veggies, whipping up the sauce, the cooking the shrimp, it took me almost an hour! It was delicious, though, and I'll probably make it again, although I think I'll get cooked shrimp instead of raw.

Anyway, I ended up with an almost full can of tomato paste and half a can of coconut milk left over. Since I hate wasting food, I am using them up this weekend. The tomato paste I used with the Bear Creek "Darn Good" chili, which is perfect for today since it's cold and blustery and is supposed to rain ...


 ... and used the rest of the coconut milk in a vegetarian curry tofu & veggie recipe. Unfortunetly when I was grocery shopping on Friday, I bought extra firm tofu instead of the baked teriyaki tofu the recipe calls for. At first I thought all was lost, and I would have to dump the coconut milk after all, then I did a quick web search for "baked teriyaki tofu" and found this great easy recipe! Yay! I have the extra firm tofu, teriyaki and soy sauce, so I'm good to go again!


This will make enough for a couple quick dinners this week, AND I didn't have to throw out any food!  Yay for using leftovers!!!