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New Beginnings #7


To remind you of the way this works, here’s how to play:

First — post your list of New Years’ Resolutions in a post at your blog (or in the comments here, if you don’t have a blog).

Second — every week, on Wednesday, write a new post about how you’re doing with each of your goals … you’ll have to list them, again, each week, as people won’t remember what you’re working towards, otherwise. Be brief in your updates, as there may be several blogs to visit! ((come give a quick update here at Should Be Reading, if you don’t have a blog)).

Third — after you’ve written your update, come back to Should Be Reading, and share your link so that we –the other New Beginnings participants– can stop by your blog and encourage you!

Important! … It would be absolutely great if you could visit at least ONE other participant’s blog  on Wednesdays and leave a comment on their post to share some encouragement for their efforts! Show your support! That’s what this event is all about — standing by each other to finally reach our goals!

1. Health and Fitness
o   Get down to size 12 (currently at 16).  I've had a bit of a set back and gained a few pounds. I don't know exactly how many pounds, but some of my looser-fitting pants felt tight this past week. I know I've been eating too much considering I haven't been working out as hard as I was before, but I've put a stop to that, and am getting back into my regular routine! I should be back on track by April!
o   Try three new recipes per month (one of which will be vegetarian). Nothing new here.
o   Hit the gym four days per week.  I managed three days last week, but only one with my trainer, and my other two workouts weren't as intense or calorie-burning. So far this week, everything is back to normal!

2. Writing 
o   Write 1st draft of book 1 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy.  Falcon's Gate is totally on hold right now, as I've signed up for Script Frenzy during the month of April, so I will actually be working on a graphic novel-version of another old manuscript (from my high school days!) called RavensEarth.
o   Write 1st draft of book 2 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy during NaNoWriMo. Begins November 1st and continues through November 30th. 
o   Write some poetry. Nothing here.

3. Photography
o   Take more artistic photos. Last Saturday I dug out my old Polaroid, took some shots of my flowering tree in the backyard as well as a "portrait" of my camera and the pictures. I still need to scan and post the individual pictures, but they actually came out really good!
o   Spend more time composing photos rather than just “point and shoot”.  Kinda sorta did that in the pictures linked above.
o   Go "old school": take some pictures using film with manual 35mm camera. I picked up my 35mm prints last week, and, wow, were they awful! I have completely forgotten how to use one of those things! Here's a few of the shots I took:




4. Homefront
o   Organize stuff. Nothing here.
o   Reduce clutter. Nothing here.
o   Work on landscaping project(s). Because this has become a much larger project than anticipated, there’s a chance we might end up hiring it done. The ENTIRE backyard has been destroyed by the storms last week and our attempts to keep the water away from the house, so a professional landscaper may be our only option.

5. Fun Stuff - Nothing done on any of these, but I think I might get the new ink this summer when I'm at Rehab in Las Vegas! Now all I have to do is decide on a design and location.
o   Go to the beach more often.
o   Learn to surf (or at least body board).
o   Get new ink.