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New Beginnings Update #2

El Nino


Well, the Forecasters weren't kidding when they said we'd be getting a big storm today! On Saturday, mom and I bought five bags of Mexican River rocks to use as a barrier against the flooding (and which will later be used in the dry creek bed we plan to put in the back yard), and boy are we glad we did! Unfortunately we put them in front of the plants along the house hoping that would keep the water away, but the wind blew the rain right behind the bags and uncomfortably close to the house. So during a break in the action, I ran out and moved the bags up closer to the house; that really helped a lot! I also dug up some of the sod and some pavers lined up along the gravel patio on the other side of the yard, approximately where the French drain is, to help the water drain better. That seemed to help, too, as I could see the water flowing in that direction before the wind picked up and it started to rain again.