2010: New Beginnings #Holidailies
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2010: New Beginnings Starter Post

Okay, here's my New Beginnings plan for 2010:

1. Health and Fitness

o   Get down to size 12 (currently at 16). 

o   Try three new recipes per month (one of which will be vegetarian).

o   Hit the gym four days per week.

2. Writing

o   Write 1st draft of book 1 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy.

o   Write 1st draft of book 2 of Falcon's Gate Trilogy during NaNoWriMo.

o   Write some poetry.

3. Photography

o   Take more artistic photos.

o   Spend more time composing photos rather than just “point and shoot”.

o   Go "old school": take some pictures using film with manual 35mm camera.

4. Homefront

o   Organize stuff.

o   Reduce clutter.

o   Work on landscaping project(s).

5. Fun Stuff

o   Go to the beach more often.

o   Learn to surf (or at least body board).

o   Get new ink.