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Yard Work in December #Holidailies

Yard work? In December? Why, yes! Here on the Central Coast of California, we don't get snow (we get rain, if we're lucky!), and even though we might get a freeze (which is NOT good as it can kill the citrus and avocado crops), it's generally very mild and sunny and therefore the lawn doesn't go dormant. In fact, since our recent vicious rain storm followed by a week of sunshine and nice temperatures, our lawn was quite tall and straggly, so today was Yard work Day!

Firstly we had to rake all the leaves blown off by the storm, then did the usual edging, trimming and mowing, as well as weed pulling. Yes, we had to pull weeds, too! I also trimmed my Midas Touch rose bush out front - can you believe it's still blooming and there are new buds on it?!? Well, it is:



 It was hard work, but luckily we had great weather - sunny and warm! - and had everything done, including clean-up, in just a couple hours. Now our front and back yards look great, and we're ready for the next big rain storm!