Photo Friday: Best of 2009 #Holidailies

Waiting at the DMV #Holidailies

It's time to renew my driver's license. le sigh. I guess I shouldn't complain, though. It's been a really long time since I got my California driver's license; long enough that instead of just mailing in my renewal fees, or renewing online, I had to go in to the DMV for an eye exam, fingerprinting and - *shudders* - a new photo. I tried unsuccessfully to have this all done Tuesday when I already had to drive over to SLO for a doctor appointment (optometrist; exam went quite well, actually!!). Unfortunately, the DMV camera was down and they wouldn't renew my license without a new picture, so I ended up having to drive again Wednesday (sucks!! i hate driving!!). I stopped by the DMV after my other doctor appointment (rheumatologist; this appointment also went quite well), and luckily their camera was fixed so I was able to get it all done. And my wait was actually only about 15 - 20 minutes!


(Festive winter border by picnik.com. Note the TV monitor showing the numbers of the customers being served at that time. It's actually a really efficient system they have at the SLO DMV! I was very impressed!)


(Nail polish is "Wicked" by essie.)