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Toys for Tots 2009 #Holidailies

Friday afternoon we had our annual Toys for Tots party at work. It wasn't as big as years past, but everyone who participated had a great time and there are some awesome gifts for some lucky little kids in our community.

We like to make a game out of it: we get a name of one of our co-workers and a random age (example: Lisa, age 13), and we're supposed to find a toy/game/gift, etc. we think they would've played with at that age. It makes shopping for the gift a lot of fun, and seeing what everyone gets is fun, too!



 We all pretty much fell in love with this adorable stuffed horse.  I know of at least four girls who wanted to take it home, myself included!


The person who got my name (not sure of the age; it didn't say on the tag) did a great job picking out a gift for me: paperback copies of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse and a couple little books on the hunky stars of the Twilight and New Moon films!!



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