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Sunday in the Garden

It has been hotter than madness around here lately, but the Earthbox garden is still holding its own. For the most part.


I really thought that zucchini plant was a goner, but here it's got two large, yellow blossoms! The little pepper plant is doing really well, too and has some blossoms of its own, although they're white instead of yellow:



The other two pepper plants are doing really well, and one of them has finally delivered a beautiful red pepper:



The ginormous tomato plant is still ginormous and still covered with tomatoes, though most of them are still green right now:


And, finally the little Early Girl tomato plant that has been hanging on by the skin of its roots this year actually has a few red toms on it:


Generally everything is looking pretty good considering the hot, dry weather we've been having. Luckily it's supposed to cool down a bit this next week (into the 90s, what a relief!). Of course it won't really matter much to me as I'll be off to Chicago on Thursday to celebrate my BFF's birthday in the Windy City!