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Teaser Tuesday: The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Gardening Update

Happy Sunday! It's a weird, humid, party cloudy day, but even so it's been lovely. I slept in, drank coffee and watched my new favourite obsession, Yard Crashers (Ahmed, please crash my yard!!! I need help and lots of it!), and the European GP I recorded from early this morning (Congrats, Rubens!! Awesome drive and well-deserved win!). Now, it's time to check out the Earthbox garden:


No, you're not imagining things - the tomato plant at the top of the picture IS starting to fall over! It's so huge and weighted down with fruit the bar that's supposed to support it is losing the battle with gravity.

The little Early Girl tomato plant that wasdying at the beginning of the summer is still hanging on to life:


And it's still producing little tomatoes:


The zucchini plant is nearly done, I think. I didn't see any more little squash and the couple blossoms I did see were dried out and crumbly. The little bell pepper that shares a Box with it seems to be making a bit of a comeback, however:



The other two bell pepper plants are still going strong, although they're still quite small. I am holding out hope that eventually we'll get some red peppers out of these plants as we've done in the past.



And, here's the ginormous Big Boy tomato plant - yes, that's just ONE tomato plant:


It is amazing how big this plant is and how loaded with tomatoes it is:


The tomatoes we've harvested have been delicious - juicy and sweet! My mom and I have been enjoying the tastiest BLTs lately!

And now it's time to relist my crap, er, stuff, yeah, stuff, really super nice stuff for sale on eBay, catch up on Twitter and Facebook, fix some lunch and take a nap. Oh, how I love lazy Sundays!