Wishful Wednesday: Diary of a Witness by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Brown is the New Green

A Gardening Update

After mowing the lawn last night (and SO glad I did since the air quality in SLO County is terrible right nowso there's no way I could do it tonight, and who knows? it could be bad all weekend!), I went to the back and checked out the garden for the first time in several weeks:


The dying tomato plant is still trying to hang in there, but really doesn't look very good:


The zucchini plant looks like its on its last legs (although it's still producing - we harvested one and there's another that should be ready this weekend) and the bell pepper plant beside it looks kinda sad:


The other two pepper plants, however, look great, although they're not very tall. They are still producing:



This tomato plant is SO BIG I couldn't even get the whole thing in the frame:



And it's COVERED in tomatoes:


In the end, mom and I came in with a little zucchini, a few peppers and some tomatoes:


I may end up stuffing the peppers and using the tomatoes for BLTs. LOTS of BLTs!