Bad, Bad, Bad and Yet SO Good!
Avila Beach

Finding New Titles

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This week I came across three new titles while looking for books two and three of George Bryan Polivka's Trophy Chase Trilogy (I've read The Legend of the Firefish and really want to read the other two books!):

Restorer Faith Blaggard

The first book, The Restorerby Sharon Hinck, is about an average, everyday "soccer mom" who ends up in another world after being sucked through a portal. After reading the blurb, this sounds similar to Minerva Wakes by Holly Lisle, a book I really enjoyed (but haven't read in a long time, so don't quote me on anything), but has a strong Christian theme. Another Christian fantasy book, Faith of the Unforgottenby Leathel Grody, popped up as a recommendation when I was reading the blurb for The Restorer, and it looked really good, too. It's got dragons, which is always a plus! Of course both of these are the first book in their respective series, so there's many more books for me to put on my Wish List! Yay! Finally, Blaggard's Moon is by the same author as the The Trophy Chase Trilogy and apparently has one of the characters from that series in it. Now that this book is on my list, I REALLY have to get my hands of the other two Trophy Chase books!