Teaser Tuesday: The Darkangel by Meredith Ann Pierce
Teaser Tuesday: Too Big to Miss by Sue Ann Jaffarian


So, how was YOUR 4th of July weekend? Good? Great! Mine? Oh, it was LOVELY, thanks for asking! Since the 4th fell on a Saturday, we had Friday off as a holiday, and I took yesterday off as a vacation day - that's FOUR DAYS OFF IN A ROW for those of you playing at home. OMG, it felt SO nice to be away from the office and all the damn childish DRAMA that's been going on lately! I've been SO sick of all the petty games and passive-aggressive behaviour coming from one person in particular. Gah!


It wasn't all fun and games this weekend, though: Friday we had to get mom's car smogged (Lexie (yeah, my mom's car is named Lexie; mine is Misty Storm for those of you wondering) passed with flying colours!!) and later I had a visit with my eye doctor (and while I didn't pass with "flying colours" my cronically broken eyeballs are getting better. again.); Saturday we visited the g'rents and went grocery shopping; Sunday we mowed the lawn; and yesterday I reslisted my stuff for sale on eBay and was scheduled to meet with my trainer at 4. By 3:30 I was really regretting that decision because I would much rather have just stayed in my jammies, but I got dressed and headed off to Kennedy Club anyway.

He wasn't there when I arrived. I figured I'd gotten the time wrong and that we were really meeting at 4:30, so I just hopped on a treadmill while I was waiting. After a (really awesome, sweat-inducing) half hour of that and still no trainer, I started thinking maybe he cancelled on me. I didn't recieve any calls at home and there were no messages on my cell.  Maybe he left a message at my work number, I thought. I wouldn't get that since I was on vacation, but it would make sense because I knew he'd penciled me in for 4 today instead of the usual 6, and he is not a flake. So, I hung out till nearly five, just in case, then I left ... and headed straight to Le Nails for a pedicure!


The colour is called Sunshine and is a new offering from Avon. I wasn't sure at first if I really wanted yellow toenails, but in the end, the bright, sunny, colour won me over. It's perfect for summertime and for my new cheerful, carefree, and somewhat weightless attitude. I'm not 100% sure when things changed and went from being same-old-same-old to, well, shiny and new. 

Maybe it's because I'm finally through that nasty plateau and have been losing weight again.

Maybe it's because my endurance during workouts is increasing and I'm feeling better after working out rather than just achy and wiped out.

Maybe because after dealing with of all the bullsh*t that's been going on with a now-former friend, after a lot of crap and slanderous statements and hurt feelings and getting the cold shoulder and dealing with juvenille-style temper tantrums, I finally decided to just let it all go, and let this now-former friend act like a spoilt five-year-old brat if that's what she wants to do, and not let her passive-agressive antics affect me in any way, shape or form.

God, I feel 10 pounds lighter just writing that down, so yeah, I think that might be it.

Happy Summer!