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Teaser Tuesday: B is for Beer by Tom Robbins

Happy Mother's Day!!

Well, I tried to make a pretty Mother's Day card for my grandma, but it really didn't turn out too well:


For one thing, the picture of the rose itself (one of our Midas Touch blossoms) would be too difficult for someone with poor vision to see, and for another, I printed it incorrectly on the tabbed photo paper and you can clearly see the perforated line up the left hand side. *sigh* I have ended up using an old handstamped Mother's Day card that I think my grandmother will enjoy more:


We're planning a picnik-style midday meal up at my grandparents house, but they've got some kid working on the top of their pergola, so I'm not sure that will be too good. (Why he didn't work yesterday and get it done so we could have brunch outside I'll never know.) Maybe I'll just go get them and bring them down here. *sigh* Why is this so dang difficult??