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Friday Finds

Friday Finds is sponsored by MisB at Should be Reading. This week I have four finds to share:

Firstplace Profandmanman Writeyourself

I bought first place 4 health by Carole Lewis some time ago, set it on my bedside table and have basically been ingoring it ever since, but after getting my blood test results back, I think I really need to open it up and read it so I can get myself back in shape! Diet and fitness is also the point of The Writing Diet by Julia Cameron, which I just picked up at the bookstore today. I read about it on a blog I no longer visit very often becuause it is way too negative and angry for my taste. Anyway, before I stopped reading it, I caught a post about the book (they didn't like it, no siree, bob, they did not! one commenter even went so far as to call it "evil"! harsh!) and while the commenters were slamming it into the ground like a rotton tomato, I found it intriguing, and I'm excited to start reading it. The last book (which is actually in the middle) is The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, and is the story of how the Oxford English Dictionary came to be. One of my co-workers read it and said it was really good, so maybe after I'm done reading all the books I've purchased recently, I'll borrow it from her and check it out.

Cheers, and happy Friday!