See It Sunday: Scent
House Colours - Final

2009 Earthbox Garden and a Future Home Improvement Project

My mom planted our Earthbox garden a few weeks ago, but I only just went out to snap some photos today. Everything has already grown so much since we bought them! It's amazing!


As you can see, we're only using four of our five boxes this year, and we've given the two tomato plants their very own box. The hope is that the plants will do better and produce more if they're not so crowded together. We'll see!

Our Early Girl tomato already have some blossoms on it:



The Big Boy plant looks great, too:


We have three bell pepper plants this year. Two of them are in one box:


And the other is sharing a box with the zucchini. It's already got some little baby bumps:



So far everything looks great! I'm hoping the heat and our next project (painting the house) won't ruin everything. Speaking of house painting, here's the colours we're considering:



We don't have the name or company of the original house colours, so mom and I picked up a few paint chips at Home Depot to see if we could find something similar. On this particular paint chip, the lightest blue, Stargazer, is really close to the colour the house already is, and the slightly darker colour, Casual Blue, is what I'd like for the accent colour. Our neighbour will be doing the painting (the same neighbour who built our awesome fence last year) and he might be able to find the original paint colours and match them even better than the samples mom and I picked up. I don't really care so long as the house gets a nice new coat of paint!