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The Little Project That Became a Big Project

After spending a couple hours browsing various shrubs/plants/etc. in Home Depot's garden department yesterday, my mom and I finally decided to just move a couple pots of ivy to the front to keep my Midas Touch rose bush company. We may eventually put a couple new shrubs in front, but since we were unable to make a decision (and were basically overwhelmed by the number of choices), this is going to have to do it for now.



They look really good, but we're going to pick up a couple stepping stones for them to sit on next Saturday.

Unfortunetly, it made for a real mess in the back where they were before:


As we were trimming up the ivy in the pots, we discovered that the ivy had grown out the bottom of the pot and into the ground. As we tried to clean that up, we ended up making even more of a mess, and finally just wound up taking out almost all the ivy plants and cleaning up the whole area. Now, we're in the process of putting stuff back - we're keeping three of the ivys and will add pots with flowers and put our statuary back later, but now it's just too dang hot, so we're quitting for the day. So we now have a bit of a work in progress:


Eventually it'll be real pretty again, I promise! In the meantime, I will leave you with some pretty pictures of our wild roses: