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Tax Day


Tax Day. Those two seemingly innocent words have inspired fear and anger in the hearts of the American public for eons. Or maybe it's just me. Actually, April 15th isn't as terrifying or horrifying to me as it used to me. I remember procrasinating on my taxes until the very last day (even though I'd recieved all my tax paperwork by the end of February!), then having to take the day off work so I could spend the entire day doing my them, then zipping down to the post office just before twelve midnight to get the envelopes post marked in time. My stress level was through the roof, and I made it worse by procrastinating all day - sleeping in, having breakfast, taking a coffee break, a lunch break, a break to watch my soaps and then my favrourite talk shows, an afternoon break with more coffee, a dinner break while watching the news, a break for a couple drinks, maybe watch a little more television, then suddenly I'm  scrambling to get the dang thing done on time and pretty close to, if not totally in, tears.

But, in the old days - pre-computer, that is - it was hard! You had to do it by hand and you had to do math and you just prayed the battery would last in your calculator! You had ot thumb through the book and read the teeny tiny print of the instrucitons for whatever part you're working on . You had to run down to the library or drug store to make copies of things that had to be sent to both the state and federal, but they only gave you one copy, and you had to check and double check your calculations, then copy it all neatly in pen on the final copy.

It was horrible. Horrible. I shudder to remember.

Now it's easy as pie! Pick up a copy of Tax Break as soon as all the paperwork, W-2s, etc., are recieved, pop it in the computer and off you go. I had our taxes done in just a couple hours this past February, so while a lot of people were freaking out today, I was relaxed and calm and oh so happy! Tax day can't hurt me now!