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The Fullbar Experiment

So, I heard about this Fullbar thing on TV a while back - it's a flavoured puffed wheat bar you eat with 8oz of water a half hour before a meal. Supposedly it makes you feel so full that you'll eat less, kinda like gastric by-pass surgery, but without all the cutting and changing the size of your stomach. In fact the creator of the bar is a bariatric surgeon who apparently wanted to help those of us not fat enough for surgery to lose weight.

Well, I found some of the bars at Long's Drugs recently, and yesterday I tried one before lunch.



It's pretty good taste-wise. I had the Cranberry Almond which also contained a lot of cinnamon and sunflower seeds along with the almonds, cranberries and puffed wheat. It did make me feel full - although to be fair, I should confess I had been snaking on strawberries, red grapes, a Kashi cereal bar and half a fresh (as in still warm and gooey!!) rice crispy treat throughout the morning, so I could easily been just as full from all that. But, I must say that I had all morning been planning on getting the special from the Cafe downstairs (pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw and fries), but felt so full by noon that I just heated up the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixer (Southwestern Style Chicken) meal I'd brought from home, and it took me the whole lunch hour to eat it, rather than wolfing it down in ten minutes like usual.

So, in conclusion, I guess this first Fullbar experiment wasn't a very good one. I will have to try it again, on an empty stomach this time, to see if it really fills me up. Stay tuned!