An Evening at Farmer's Market

So, Farmer’s Market last night was so much fun! Miss S. and Miss K. and I headed to Barnes & Nobel after work and had coffee drinks and a light supper in the Starbucks Café upstairs. Well, not really light: I shared an herbed chicken sandwich with cheese with Miss K. (which was good), then got a bowl of the cheese and broccoli soup (which was bad). I was just bad yesterday, that’s all there is to it. I believe I made up for it, however, by walking lots and lots later on.

After eating, we wandered around B&N, and I couldn’t resist buying some pretty spring-like stationery and a cool journal. I had two books in my hand (Inkspell by Cordilia Funke and Terrier by Tamora Pierce), but put them back in favour of the other items. Miss S. insisted I must read Inkspell, and purchased it for me, as well as purchasing a book for Miss K. We took revenge on her by buying her a couple fun items, too. So there!

Once we finished shopping we headed to the already-bustling Farmer’s Market and met up with our current Student Worker (whom we dubbed The Boy) and his younger brother (whom we dubbed “The Child”). It has been a long time since I was at the market and I forgot how crazy it can be! There were tons of people – families, high school and college students, Goths and emos, a couple guys who looked like they were from The Ramones, and a couple girls dressed up like Vikings for some unknown reason. It was awesome! Unfortunately, it was too dark to take any decent pictures of the beautiful produce and flowers and such – that will have to wait till summer – but I did score some delicious veggies: a kolerabi (which is relatively unknown and I would link to some information about them, but I couldn’t find anything, so I’ll just say it’s kinda like a turnip), a head of cauliflower, some celery and some beets. I would’ve purchased more (the sample orange slices were delicious, and I totally would’ve picked up some organic apples, asparagus, artichokes, almonds and even some locally made olive oil and hummus), but I had taken one of my paralegal conference bags to carry everything in and it wasn’t big enough. If we end up making this a monthly or bi-monthly event, I might have to invest in a fold-down cart on wheels to carry all my stuff around in. As it was we had The Boy and The Child lug the stuff for us until we parted ways, then we had to lug our own!

It was a lovely, lovely evening and a great deal of fun! I cannot wait till next time!