Photo Friday: Best of 2008
My 2008 Christmas Letter

Thirteen Things on My Wish List

I got the idea to do a Wish List themed Thursday Thirteen from Jennifer. Thanks, Jen!

1. An iPod touch. Yes, I have two iPods already, one of which can play TV shows, but the touch is shiny and new and it plays games! Games, people!

2. A shiny new red reel mower w/ grass catcher.

3. This Citizen Echo watch: Riva Diamond Chronograph.

4. A 2009 Green Bay Packers calendar.

5. A Canon SLR digital camera with a telephoto lens attachment.

6. A pink Sony Vaio laptop computer.

7. A funky laptop bag.

8. A new versa climber for the gym.

9. A pink Townie bike with a basket on front and a bell.

10. A large red suitcase with rollers.

11. A pair of funky Wellies.

12. This shearling coat.

13. A complete backyard makeover.

(Also used as an entry for Holidailies.)