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Thursday Thirteen: A Smoke-Free Entry

Today is the Great American Smoke Out– the day smokers are encouraged to quit smoking for one day. Years and years ago – it was either the first or second year of the Smoke Out, '77 or '78, I can't remember now – I asked my dad to please quit smoking just for one day. He did, and never smoked another cigarette in his life. He smoked a pipe occasionally, but not too often. I have no idea if it was hard for him to quit. He never complained to me anyway. Then again, I was a little kid, so he probably wouldn’t have complained to me anyway.

As for me, I foolishly started smoking at 16. I’ve quit off and of many times since then, but last Friday I quit for good. I mean it this time. I'm done with cigarettes. For reals. And, in celebration of quitting, I came up with a list of thirteen good reasons to quit smokingand to never smoke again:

1.     You’ll be healthier. It’s been proven that once you stop smoking, your lungs start to become healthier. Eventually, you will have lungs as good as a nonsmoker.

2.     The air smells fresher and cleaner.

3.     Food tastes better.

4.     You – your clothes, your hair, your breath - won’t stink.

5.     Your house – your carpets, sofas, draperies, etc. - won’t stink. And your walls won’t be discoloured either!

6.     Your car won’t stink – if you smoke in your car, that is. And there’s less chance of you starting a wildfire by throwing your cigarette out the window!

7.     You’ll be more active. I find I can do more cardio now with less wheezing and coughing than before.

8.     You’ll be prettier (or more handsome). No more nasty yellow nicotine stains on your fingers or your teeth!

9.     The world will be a better place without all the second-hand smoke polluting the air and all the nasty cigarette butts on the streets, beaches, parks, etc.

10.    You’ll sleep better. Fewer coughing fits waking you up at night!

11.    You’ll save money.

12.    More people will like you. I'm just guessing here, but there are more nonsmokers than smokers out there.

13.    One positive healthy change will lead to many more! Since I'm feeling so much better and feel empowered by kicking this bad habit, I'm going full force into losing weight!