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Chicago Love List

It's been a long time since I've done a love list, and sicne I just got back from an awesome weekend vacation, I thought it' might be good to revive it. Stuff I loved about my weekend in Chicago:

  1. The awesome clothes I bought at Vive la Femme, particularly the ruffly black blouse I wore on Halloween.
  2. Hanging out with some totally awesome people! 
  3. Drinking Acai margaritas. 
  4. Seeing the beautiful fall foliage. 
  5. The fantastic weather.
  6. Walking the length of the crazy, wonderful Halloween parade.
  7. Just getting out of California was nice!
  8. Decorative cabbages in planter boxes.
  9. My room at the Club Quarters on Wacker.
  10. The wig I wore for Halloween. It has inspired me to dye my hair brown, now!