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Biggest Margarita I've Ever Had

So My Vacation is Over

I can't believe I'm flying home already. It feels like I just got here! I had a fantastic time with my friend Jewel and her two new kitties Fester and Dash. (And btw, I had very little problems with my allergies, which made me very happy! I took a Claratin in the morning and used some allergy eye drops and Afrin nasal spray twice a day. I only had one little patch of itchy hives, but it went away as soon as the Claratin kicked in. My nose and eyes weren't itchy or runny at all, and best of all I had no wheezing!!! Perhaps I've grown out of cat allergies?? I can only hope!) Sadly Thelly passed away before I got here, but I did get to visit her grave (she's buried in Jewel's friend BloodBeth's yard) so I did get to say goodbye to her. Greatest cat ever. She is deeply missed.
After Jewel dropped me off, I used the self-check-in and was able to upgrade to First Class for only $90.00 extra! I've never flown so posh before and I'm pretty excited to experience how "the other half" flies!
I purchased a new book at the Borders outlet store yesterday (even though I'd brought an extra one to read when I finished "The Princess and the Hound" which was really good, btw!). It's "Eragon" by Christopher Paolini. There's a third book in this dragon series coming out later this month, and I hope to get through this book and the second one before it does. Jewel bought the whole "Twilight" series, and I'm curious to find out how she likes them.
Well, I think I might wander around a bit before we board. I'll update from First Class if I can!