Update on the Garden

More Books!!

So, here's all the books I bought and had autographed at the Writer's Conference:


I bought another Catherine Ryan Hyde book called The Day I Killed James, a murder mystery by local author Sue McGinty called Murder in Los Lobos, two books by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer (He was our Keynote Speaker; Jennifer wasn't there, so I only got his autograph on the books. I also purchased a set of 6 CDs of his previous speeches, which is not pictures.) Agnes and the Hitman and Don't Look Down, and two books by our favourite workshop instructor, Sally Warner, Only Emma and It's Only Temprary. Sally quickly became our favourite person of the whole Conference - I even switched out a class this afternoon to hers because I enjoyed her class so much last night! She's a great instructor has a fantastic sence of humour, and does the cutest little doodles with her autograph:



The doggie is adorable, but I think I love the birdie the best!